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Random Video Showcases


Untitled Video Exercise #0912

Edit using one take footage shooting at 400fps with random movement.
Inspired by

Country Disappeared by Wilco

萬眾期待-- 400 (working title) 精彩片花 早洩預覽版

萬眾期待-- 2010 你不能不看


金像班底 強勢打造

精彩片花 早洩預覽版

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Google Translate:

Long-awaited -- You can not help but look at 2010
The world's first slow-motion movie
Gold, like a strong team to build
Wonderful piece flower premature ejaculation Preview


Video Projection for Rebecca's Dance Show

I've edited 2 videos for her dance performance, "Hit and Miss"
Show Details

WORK in progress for pills TVC

No new works to post recently because all of them are working in progress.
This is the WIP of the character animation for a TVC I'm working on.

一個好爸爸 片頭

Parabucks 2008
Opening Sequence for Film "Run Papa Run" (一個好爸爸)
Directed by Henri Wong.
"Run Papa Run" (一個好爸爸)
Directed by Sylvia Chang
2008 (C)Emperor Multimedia Group (EMG) [hk]

Which is also featured in
The haunting title sequence of Run, Papa, Run revolves around the recurrent nightmare of the main character, Lee Tin-Yun (played by Louis Koo), whose dream world is filled with symbolic references to his deepest fears. Without explicitly spelling it out, the dream sequence tells the audience something about the state of mind of the protagonist, about the choices he made in life - choices that seem to be motivated by fear. 

Title designer Henri Wong combined hand-drawn animation, with re-drawn live action footage and photo collage to create the title sequence. "I try to give audiences the feeling of rawness," says Wong in an email interview, when asked about the expressionistic animation style he employed. "It is brutal, 
unembellished, barbaric and rough, and hopefully can connect audiences to the main idea - fear and violence." 

Give Up Gambling

2008 Parabucks
A humorous animation commercial for the Hong Kong Government.
Animation by Henri Wong

葉問視覺效果 demo

playing with a fake blade just like air guitar.
Parabucks' Henri Wong is
nominated for Best Visual Effects
with the Film IP MAN by
the 28th Hong Kong Film Award.

葉問 片頭設計 IP MAN opening sequence

Designed by Parabucks Co.

Title sequence for "Ip Man" (葉問)

IP MAN is adapted from the life story of Ip Man, the grand master of the Wing Chun style of kung fu and sifu (master) of legendary kung fu superstar Bruce Lee.

The title sequence inspire the audience with a subtle shadow of the "wooden dummy", which is a symbol of Wing Chun, to reflect the character of master Ip:
Contained and Grandness.
(C)Mandarin Films Distribution Co

Short Film - "Solution"

2006 Parabucks
A Short Film Directed by Steve Yuen Kim Wai
Henri Wong did the concept, Design, and Animation for the animation parts.

Opening for What's Good Conference

2005 Parabucks
Opening for What's Good Conference
Directed by Henri Wong

Event Details
Event: What's Good Conference
Date: 8-11 Jan., 2005
Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre

Hello Kitty - Black Wonder

Opening and Closing Animation for the event:
Hello Kitty - Black Wonder
Animation by Parabucks
Music by Tore

龍虎門片頭 Dragon Tiger Gate Opening Sequence

2006 Parabucks
Done in Chibi
The 1st text part is done by yU+co
The 2nd Comic part is done by Henri Wong

龍虎門 視覺效果 Dragon Tiger Gate VFX

(C)Mandarin Films Distribution Co.
Done at Chibi Digital Vision Ltd. 2006
Henri Wong worked as VFX Supervisor
Mainly Directed the Opening and the Kung Fu Training Sequences.

Old Motion Graphic + Editing Works

Parabucks 2006
Animation on the DVD of the book "Sticker Graphics 2".
Design, Animation, and Music by Parabucks Co.

Parabucks 2007
Design, Edit, and Animation
by Henri Wong
2007 marks Nike Air Force 1's 25th Anniversary and to celebrate, Nike has been holding special events at certain locations around the world to mark this special occasion.

Parabucks 2007
Channel ID for NOW SPORTS
Done at yU+co[hk]

"天文台電視宣傳短片" 2007年熱帶氣旋警告系統

Animation TV ad for the Hong Kong Observatory.
Parabucks 2007  Done in yU+co
Design, Animation, and Voice Over by Henri Wong
Music by Jackie Yu @ White Music